Kirk Bowett

Fifth week of training

Well the training is truly ramping up and the first intensive weekend has given performers from across the UK the opportunity to come together and collaborate. Members from Sheffield and London have joined forces and bonded well.

The training structure has been tough so far, before each session we endure a rigorous high intensity warm up. This warms us up for the training session and it is great to see all participants putting in their best efforts. The trainers have challenged us artistically and some adlib performing arts is thrown in to give us all confidence and shake off any shy or reserved natures.

In small groups and using some apparatus, we are encouraged to mount and dismount the trapeze and the cuboids in a graceful manner. Now we are beginning to polish our skills and muscle memory is enabling us to look more subtle and professional on the equipment. I am really looking forward to the intensive weeks. It’s going to be serious business, diet, wellbeing and lifestyle will all be key factors in our ability and stamina going forwards to the performance.

We had the opportunity to watch the professionals at work when we visited The Roundhouse to see ‘Pirates of the Carabina’. I personally had my eyes wide open at the spectacular physicality of the professional performers.

I am under no illusion that the show will be tough and I cannot wait to show off what we have and will achieve.

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