Mark Brown

Full company training week

My name is Mark Brown and I’m a Blesma member having been injured in a road traffic accident whilst serving with the 1st Battalion Queens Lancashire Regiment.

I joined the Army as a junior soldier and did my training at Queen Elizabeth Barracks Strensall, near York. Being a Blesma member for more than thirty years, I’ve more recently been involved with many activities from the Blesma Community Programme (BCP) from cycling in Morocco to diving in the Red Sea.

This particular activity/acting is something that I have never done before and was invited to take part in. I have to admit to being a little reluctant at first. However, during our training and support from professional staff, I have become more confident and am beginning to enjoy the experience far more, pushing my own boundaries. This week has proved to be both demanding and rewarding with both teams coming together from Sheffield and London and developing skills learned over several months.

During this week’s training we met key personnel, from script writers to directors and choreographers. Everybody put all they had in to two weeks rehearsals and it showed. The production is starting to come together as the story of This Is Not For You unfolds.

Moving and manipulating the cuboids (which will form part of the design of the production) in to different positions is beginning to flow, with everyone knowing their positions and responsibilities.

With help and support from our very experienced staff, we developed more understanding of body positions and body movement using the cuboids, whilst also discovering how to use facial expressions in certain situations.

These tasks are very demanding both physically and mentally and by the end of the day most of us realised just how much work was involved. I think it’s fair to say we were extremely tired.

What impressed me most was that although it was physically demanding with serious moments, there was however a light-hearted side to the training with plenty of fun moments.

The interaction between the Blesma members is something that is constantly developing as we make our way through these training sessions. Our next training get together is going to be equally demanding as we will be together for three weeks. I’m confident that the team will pull together and come out with a fantastic production.

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