We hope you enjoyed one of the recent performances of This Is Not For You at Greenwich+Docklands International Festival or Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Using the form below, please tell us how you’d like to be remembered. Check back again soon to see what other audience members have said.

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How other audience members would like to be remembered:

As a kind and compassionate person who did her best to listen and help others.

– Kerry Holland


I’ve never really thought about it. To be remembered at all would be an achievement. I was “Best Cheerleader” when I was 10 years old, I still think that’s a pretty sweet way to be remembered.

– Kat Golding


As having made some positive difference, no matter how small.

– Anonymous


Loud, unstoppable, curly, young……!!

-Lucy Evans


As a social reformer with a sense of fun. Normal.



As a loving person.

-Matthew Bermel


For doing what is right.

– Anonymous


Making a positive impact on the world.

-Max Baiden


As a husband, father, veteran who happens to have PTSD.

– Anonymous


For caring.

-Karen O’Neile


For having and achieving what might be difficult. For trying to change injustice.

-Arti Dillon


As an honest soul, that treated people well and always tried to do my best. Also fun and loving.



For being the sort of person who can reach the top of Kilimanjaro even with a partially collapsed lung. A good mum 🙂



For my compassion, kindness and understanding of others no matter who they are or where they come from – regardless of colour, gender, race or creed.

-Jemima Dury


Fairly well by many.



With kindness.

-Paul Longton


Love, kindness, honesty and fun!!



Not sure I would like to be remembered…

-Kevin Leahy


I think this needs to go on tour and this question should be asked everyday… I want to be remembered as a good person.



With a smile.

-Joanne Boughman


I would like to be remembered as a people-loving person, who loved God and tried to be a light for my environment. I hope that in my life I can bring people closer to God and experience love.



With love xx

-Xenia Demetriou


Being optimistic.



I would like to be remembered for inspiring young girls and women to have a positive outlook on life.

Monique Fernandez


To be just remembered is enough for me.